“I would like young women to know that it is perfectly normal to feel unfit, vulnerable, and different at times. I want to talk about emotions without stigma.”

Edda Porter - Stay Lifted

I grew up in a small charming town in Nicaragua. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 19 years old.

I’m a bilingual children’s book author and a dynamic person with multiple interests, work tittles, and dreams.

My passions include writing, psychology, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and exploring creativity. I continue to work on my patience.

I think girls are fun and special. We hold power to create, to love and to help others even at our lowest moments. Four women raised me, and by sharing my story, I wish to empower young ladies to stay strong and pursue their goals.

My desire to help other women and connect with others, inspired me to write this blog. During the day, I work in tech as a Bussiness Operations Specialist for the Global Security department of a social media company. I really like my job because it keeps me challenged.

For school, I followed one of my passions and majored in Psychology from San Francisco State University. I’m interested in understanding people. I’m curious about how mental processes and motivation shapes behavior.

Through this blog, I wish to make authentic connections and build a circle of trust.

Edda Porter